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Entry posted on Oct 14, 2013 by MarkDuBois , tagged Mobile,Event,Development,Design

We seem to be having more and more problems using this Adobe Groups site.

We can be found at: http://www.meetup.com/Central-Illinois-Web-Professionals-and-Adobe-User-Group/

Our August, 2013 meeting notes - http://illinoiswow.org/blog/august-2013-meeting/

Our September, 2013 meeting notes - http://illinoiswow.org/blog/september-2013-meeting/

Our October, 2013 meeting notes - http://illinoiswow.org/blog/october-2013-meeting/

July 2013 meeting
Entry posted on Jul 10, 2013 by MarkDuBois , tagged Design,Development,Event

I gave a couple of presentations. I provide a link to my slides below. If you have questions about these, please send me an email (or contact me via Twitter).

We also had a number of interesting discussions and questions before, during, and after the meeting. I encourage those reading this to consider attending our next meeting.

Marcus Washington also won the prize of the evening - a free course from Webucator. I asked that he report back to our group once he has completed the course. Many thanks to Webucator for providing this prize, I am most appreciative.

Best always,


June 2013 meeting
Entry posted on Jun 12, 2013 by MarkDuBois , tagged Event,Development,Design

We held our June meeting last night (June 9, 2013) in room TC 218 at the East Peoria campus of Illinois Central College. We had 6 new individuals participating (I think this was a record). It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet a number of colleagues for the first time. Here are a few notes I took during our meeting. If anyone has updates or corrections, please let me know.

Tim Bloompott provided a Raspberry Pi demo - Debinan based Linus distro. Comes with Scratch and Python for programming. Showing lightweight desktop (I took a photo). 700 MHz device. Not a lot of computational power. Also took photo of Tim. Camera available. Brought in keyboard to work with also - wireless. Find something that works and go for it. RaspberryPi.org - for new users, use this distribution. Trying to port android to this.  Video port, audio port, SD card for your hard drive, USB micro, HDMI out and 2 USB. Add wifi.

 Nick Wallace [www.wallydblog.com] provided an overview of displaying Facebook page news feed on a website. You can also find an overview of this on his weblog (linked on the left).  First approach FaceBook like box - widget - never liked this box. Came across a website with feed implemented and pursued this. SmashBaloon will now develop custom code for $14. Can set how many posts you want to display. Covered basics of obtaining access code, secret key and page id number. Also reviewed PHP code. Plans on replacing many like boxes with this approach. Facebook is making changes to the API. Don't know the implications.

 Jon Worent discussed how to make embedded Google Maps etc. grab code, etc. code responsive. iFrame code for Google maps wrapped in a div called iFrame responsive design - throw extra styles at this. position: relative and override height and width. Adaptive design example. Code will be available on WebProfessionals site at some point. To make Facebook like box responsive - grab HTML5 not iFrame code snippet. Injected script will be iFrame and apply styles within iFrame. Knowing which classes to tie into is the main issue. Jon als covered the Semantic Grid System - generate grids in your CSS so you can apply to your existing CSS classes.

Mark DuBois provided an overview of various content management systems (he taught a 5 day class on this in Springfield a few weeks ago and will be teaching the same class in San Francisco next week). He focused on the approach to connecting to the database using PHP. He stressed PDO - PHP Data objects as the older mysqli_ methods are being deprecated. Mark also mentioned the book he was recently asked to review before it was published.

We agreed that our next meeting would be on July 9. We are presently trying to locate a suitable room on campus. The July 9 event calendar will be updated once that has been finalized.

May 2013 meeting
Entry posted on May 15, 2013 by MarkDuBois , tagged Design,Development,Event

Our May meeting was held on May 14 in room TC 317 on the ICC East Peoria campus. We had one new member (welcome David) who joined our group because he saw oour listing on Meetup.com.

I began the meeting with a video of the new camera module just released for the Raspberry Pi. We briefly discussed that technology.

I next gave an overview of the AdobeMAX keynote and focused on Projects Mighty and Napoleon. I also briefly discussed the Opera mobile emulator. Those who missed the meeting can find my slides here (as a PDF file).

After some discussion, I also gave a presentaiton on responsive web design with Dreamweaver. Since I could not speak and take notes, I provide a link to those slides as well (as a PDf file).

Jonathan Worent then discussed the planning part of website development. These are my notes from his discussion.

Have Google Analytics installed on a website and let it run for a few months to identify how site is being used.

What is important to the user on the website? Figuring out what users want is often difficult. Look at business goals. What does business want to achieve? Take about 8 hours to layout a new basic site map (perhaps 3 or 4 different ones). Prioritize content.

What are content types on a site? CMS is a possibility.

May use index cards and take out headings for each and place as topic. Which content is related to what? Helps to physically shift content around. This takes a lot of time. Take basic site map and tape cards to a wall on the site map.

Up to this point have ignored the home page. This is jumping off point for important things. Then wireframe home page.

What are parts of site that user wants to get to quickly. Low fidelity wireframes of each of these.

Copy over to designer for design concept. This part is devoid of content, but has color, fonts and so forth. Style tiles and moodboards. Site map and information architecture as wireframe. Designer is creating moodbaord at the same time. Here is photo, words, etc. related to schools or zoo or whatever.

Help designer and client get on same page as to what style will be. Once have moodbaord, then develop a few style tiles. Consistent way of presenting desin concept. Create specific tone to design.

Tim Bloompott then discussed an idea he is working on for an online quote calculator for lighting.

We had a lot of interesting discussion as part of the meeting.

Before the meeting ended, I distributed a lot of Adobe swag. People who have been speakers received a t-shirt. Everyone who was present received a pen, pencil and other miscellaneous items.

We also agreed our next meeting would be June 11.

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